android slider phone becomes retro-pocket-computer

This is an LG Enact,a slider phone from around 2013, one of the last phones with keyboards. The 5 row keyboard means a lot of the usual symbols are easily accessbile and makes it a great pocket-computer. I installed FreeBox which is a DosBox port that works on Android 4.4, which is what the phone is stuck with. I’ll be using mainly to study assembly programming.

dos phone pocket computer
dos phone

HP95LX Teardown and Repair Part 1

I bought a unit from eBay marked for parts. When turning on, the screen flashes and then turns off. Also it is making a funny noise while powered on. Seems someone tried to repair the speaker cables and soldered them opposite of what they should be. I asked the kind folks at for advice. Stay tuned!

Images of the teardown  below- first step will be blowing all the dust out!

HP95LX Teardown

How to turn your phone into a laptop

You already carry a powerful computer in your pocket! But the lack of a physical keyboard makes it more of a media consumption rather than a productivity machine. The software is all there , though. Office, Drive, photo editing apps…even terminals and programming environments.

Most bluetooth keyboards are cramped and uncomfortable to use for long sessions. But, if you can find a clamshell keyboard case for tablets, you can adapt it for your phone. Use these instructions at your own risk!

I found an iPad Mini BT keyboard with a weighted bottom on clearance. With the velcro pads on the lid, I was already using it for a small tablet, when I realized I can also use it for my phone!

keyboard case for phone
Tablet Keyboard Case with Velcro Pads

I bought a cheap case for my phone and added Velcro on the back.

phone case
Phone Case with Velcro Strips

You see where this is going….I used the phone to take pictures so I don’t have a picture of the complete assembly.

phone keyboard case final
“Laptop” ready for your phone!

Note the phone’s ports are accessible so it can be charged.